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 About Us

 Marriages are made not only in Heaven But also at DFI-SWAYAMVARAM

What we are

          Finding Suitable Brides and Grooms as life partners within the community will preserve our tradition and culture. Practice of girl child foeticide and infanticide at some stage has worsened the situation and many boys are now forced to remain bachelors or seek life partners from other communities. Added to this problem, some of us are rigid about sub-sects and this is further aggravating the situation.

          It is therefore essential that we should become broadminded and go for alliances irrespective of sub caste within Brahmins. In fact the present Peethadhipathi of Mantralayam has recently gone one step forward and advocated that pure vegetarian Brahmins of South and North should regularly exchange Brides and Grooms to overcome the adverse ratio of Grooms and Brides.

DFI Swayamvaram Trust conducts conventions very frequently in various Districts and at the State Capital, Hyderabad. This is facilitating Brides and Grooms to find their Life Partners. DFI has designed High Tech Digital Display, Web search and distribution of Convention Books at reasonable cost. On the day of the convention, the profiles of prospective Brides and Grooms are digitally displayed to facilitate parents to take quick decisions instead of going through the lengthy process of Bride's parents enquiring, inviting the Groom/Parents, arranging meeting of Brides/Grooms etc.

This will be a long drawn process and it is considered a little outdated method in this modern times.The Digital display is first of its kind in India being conducted by DFI Swayamvaram and Members should make full use of its services. We are heavily subsidizing this facility.

Our Registrations


Video courtesy of DFI-SWAYAMVARAM.

          DFI Swayamvaram Office strictly enforces the validity period of Registration. Though marriages are settled, parents do not inform the office and continuation of the profiles on our website and digital display causes embarrassment and avoidable inconvenience to parents on both sides. With a view to avoid this embarrassment, we delete the profiles after validity period and only when a parent re-registers, the profiles are activated.

          Members should submit the profile along with a postcard size photo of the Bride/Groom well before the cut-off date announced, to facilitate digitisation process. Though it is time-consuming and requires huge effort, whenever we conduct a Marriage Convention in Hyderabad, we undertake this activity even when registrations are done on the spot at the venue. Parents may please note the requirement and register the prospective Grooms and Brides before the cut-off date given. DFI Swayamvaram has settled more than 11,000 marriages so far.

          DFI Swayamvaram also provides special matrimonial services on request from members such as Premier Registration, Golden Registration and Diamond Registration (for Professionals) to interested Members by finding suitable matches regularly.

          For Further details, Members may contact Swayamvaram Bureau on 7670821002/ 003/ 004/ 005/ 9347123073

Tel No. (040) 27551914/ 27551915/ 27552484

Meet the Team

Dr. Sri P. Kamalakara Sharma
Founder & Managing Trustee

Smt Dr.Jayashree Sharma
Trust Board Member